• Buongiorno, Paris !

    Honest Italian food with a hint of Mediterranean influence

    Fi'lia is all about sharing and transmission from the grand-mother (La Nonna) to the mother (La Mamma) onto the daughter (La Figlia). Traditional recipes, created around fresh ingredients from the hearth are perpetuated, shaped and reinvented from generation to generation.

    After Miami, Nassau and Dubai, the brand is landing to Paris for its first European opening.

    The Art deco interior is warm, genuine and friendly. Intimate and cosy booth for a private moment, large wooden table for celebration or the open kitchen counter to assist front row at the show-cooking. Everything here is about generosity and sharing.

    Appetite comes with sharing!



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Chef Sara Aqel


Sara Aqel, the global Executive Chef of the Fi'lia brand embodies this new generation of chefs and the third generation, La figlia.
Born in Jordan and trained in Italian food in Massimo Bottura’s team in Dubai, she also leads a talented team in Fi'lia Dubai and creates unique new stories through her dishes. She comes from a simple Palestinian family who expressed feelings through food. Away from her home, Sara has fond memories of her mom’s food, the smell of it and the laughter around the table; Fi’lia Paris is her next chapter of memories and stories to tell, she wants you to be homesick for Fi’lia, to genuinely laugh and to foster memories of food that evokes a smile on your face!


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